Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kansas prep

Schane meets Lola for the 1st time

I meet Lola for the 1st time

Lola gets comfy

Wes is Lola's papa.

one of Schane's cats - Lucifer
the signage at Schane's new restaurant are so well done
Will at his ball game - swing & a miss
Clawed on the back porch at Jeremy's

Jeremy & his garden

Jeremy & the street axe

Lucy wanting her song

Jeremy's fine penmanship on the sign that would hang from the back of my bike
this cracks me up !

found this pic of my dad & I at my sister's pad

1st time at Kind Kravins - Wichita's only vegan food cart

the Little Free Libraries at The Anchor

mac & cheese pizza from the buffet at Garden Grille

prepping the tent that Schane located for me
bbq at Jeremy's

tried a foofy taco place downtown - Jeremy dug in

that special sauce they brought out - sorta hot

the grand pooba of the River Fest parade

Wayne White on the right - this next few photos are all his doing

- he loves making masks -

floating covered wagon

Carrie Nation puppet chases down a bottle

that bottle is in trouble

last day in town - mini ramp session with William Meyerson
and then June 1st - the bike ride began  - coming up next.

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