Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Texas randoms

 I didn't want the swimming hole post to get too long, so I've put all the non swimming shots from TX here.
outside of swimming, I was pumped to skate the new Evergreen skatepark

in Fredericksburg, tx - it had only been open for a few weeks

mugging near the high dive at Balmorhea

crailtapping in Big Bend National Park
finally paid a visit to Rabbit Food Grocery in ATX

a mogwai and stonehedge replica near Ingram, TX

unity vegan food cart - those are fried pickles next to that Cuban.

Vader had a ball swimming with James Hardy & I on the Guadalupe River

C-Tech ditch ride
this is the full view of the C-Tech ditch - one of the best in Tejas

at the front end of the hike up Enchanted Rock

with all the rain in May, the wildflowers were bumping

trying to not drop the camera during a green belt adventure

pinball with Kansas OG's Lorne & Nate

fully tubed above Upper McKinney Falls
not a break in the weather & skated Cat Palace

Smith grind on the buttery hand poured concrete coping

2 of the 6 cats at the palace

doing my best John Lucero schmitt stix impression

cut my time short in Austin, to get to the Jeff Phillips memorial

ran into Zach from the overload OBX trip of 2010
chris gentry spinning a tailgrab 540 between rain drops
swung by the school book depository and the grassy knoll on my way outta town
had breakfast with a grade school buddy, Mike Wilson, north of Denton on my way up to Wichita.

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