Sunday, March 1, 2015

the tee project

 I arrived back in San Diego on Dec 8th and finally back on Edgemont by the 9th. Once at home, I started digging around in my closet. While I was preparing to leave San Diego for the first time in early 2011 to live in the van, I did a lot of purging. After decades of working in the skateboard industry, I had way too many t-shirts. I gave many away, kept quite a few to wear over the next year, and ended up STUFFING a load of them into a duffel bag. I discovered that duffel bag and decided to wear every shirt in that bag before wearing any other tee while home in San Diego. I further decided that it could make a fun photographic project to document each tee and do my best to recount why I'd kept it for so long.

 1. "Vegans have better Karma" purchased at an activist holiday bazaar perhaps in 2008, I value the simple message this shirt offers. not preachy, just a statement - take it or leave it.

2. "DEAD MEAT - over a 100 billion killed" - can't recall where I got this, I believe it was a gift. sometimes I feel like it's too over the top, but most often, I like the shock value of it. Overall, I shy away from black tees, but this one will be making it back into my heavy rotation.

3. "ping pong is for lovers" - a gift from Sawdust or Jen Jones - we had a ping pong table at Edgemont for a long time and I still enjoy hitting the ball around.

4. "Scott Bourne CONSOLIDATED" - simple small day of the dead chest graphic. I'm a big Scott Bourne fan. I used to stay on his floor on Webster in the 90's. Taped some radical HATED songs from him that I'm forever grateful for hearing!

5. "red, white, & blue tye dye" - I felt compelled to buy a few tye dyes in 2009 when I visited Woodstock, NY. This will most likely get donated soon.

6. "45 Orcas Have Died in Captivity at Seaworld" - got this from my friend Barb from going to Seaworld protests years ago. It's a good one to wear around San Diego. BLACKFISH has done much to raise awareness about Seaworld's terrible track record, but so many people are clueless.

1. la tierra es de quien la trabaja - the earth belongs to those who work it

2. rock out with your guac out tee with team captain Chris Klich

3. santa cruz front - had this since high school

4. santa cruz back with Tom Know minor threat graphic

5. Tampa Am Old Man Bowl Jam tee from 2005 drawn by Michael Sieben

6. Lowcard pocket tee - i love pocket tees

1. first ever Tampa Am Old Man Bowl Jam tee drawn by Michael Sieben

2. SC Strange Notes tee that I've had since high school

3. Belljar 1st tee design by Chris Shary on the front

4. and when the 2nd design by Chris Shary was in production, I had them screen it on the back.

1. original Emerica WILD IN THE STREETS tee

2. GRRRL Fair tee from a rad conference in San Diego - where Klich met Gina

3. Slappy Sunday's tee with Mark Carroll

4. SD Food Justice Conference tee from 2011, the last year it happened. Jeff is wearing his from 2010

1. Save the TURF back print

2. Save the TURF front print with my pal Ken

3. Swank design for Slam City Skates in London

4. South Park - it grows on you

5. Ban the Bag - anti plastic bag campaign tee with the McClain sisters

6. classic Elwood tee with a sweaty Chris Center

1. Animal Lover tee with Barry Koral

2. Escapist tee from Kansas City sent to me for distributing their dvds

3. Otter Pops - Keep it Chill local business tee with Barry Koral

4. my other Slappy Sundays shirt - in brown. I gave the grey one to Jeffrey.

5. Michael Burnett DVS photo collab shirt from the Carbondale Run

 and know it's time to purge some tees.... most of these mean a lot to me, so the tough decisions begin.

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  1. Great idea. There are some real gems in there.