Sunday, March 1, 2015


In the weeks prior to #kevridestoSimi, I was aware that a Fugazi cover band from Colorado -Fauxgazi - was looking for a show in either San Diego or Los Angeles. February 21st - the date they were seeking to fill on their tour, was already booked at the Dawg House. The CHE Cafe is on hiatus. Crap... I felt like a failure. Then info surfaced that they'd found a matinee show in downtown Los Angeles. With the bike trip taking serious form, I made the decision that seeing Fauxgazi in LA would be a primary focus of the trip.
this flyer was my focus - getting there one way or another...
I walk up to the venue & that skinny dude in the middle, mutters under his breath, "Kevin...Marks"
 turns out my old buddy Keith Curts is in the band!
everyone in this band, plays in other bands - but they did have this one tee for sale

south central hardcore band - Suffer Along - took the stage first

sailor themed stage backdrop

fugazi fans both young & old

I'd go see the Hard R again. The 3 piece was rad!

and then it was time - microphones set up for the audience to sing along - Keith belting it out

Keith & Eric - it just kept getting better *&* better

Eric on backup vocals!

Ian & Keith harmonizing

Ian took to the crowd on several occasion - this time Vern lent a hand on the bass riff

Vern's gal pal, Rosie, got in on the action too!

Waiting Room was the ender and everybody was singing along

I feel so blessed to have seen them. Can't wait to coax them into a show when I roll into Denver this summer

check the set list - funnest show I've been to in many moons
sacred music best honored by keeping it alive by playing it. 
the band is working on a documentary of this tour that will be shared with Fugazi.
it should be known that Ian MacKaye gave his blessing to these musicians before the embarked on this tour

I took no video, but I was sent this clip of my friend Patricia singing with them in Oakland!

here is a link to the whole article on the bike trip #kevridestoSimi

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