Wednesday, March 11, 2015

local happenings

went to brunch & farm tour @ Solidarity Farms in Pauma Valley

Hernan was a terrific host and guide

the setting is serene with avocado trees on the surrounding hillsides
the starts before going in the ground
Cosmo was my favorite farm dog

Cosmo is Sunny's brother

Ellie welcoming us & Cookie getting ready to perform several original farm tunes
skated the Valley Center skate spot both coming & going to the farm - Klich is gonna love it
Kim scooped me up and I hung at the Herb Fest for an evening

can you see the WOLF tee the lady in the hat is wearing?

Val helps Caro with some herbs

only the Melon Man for 5 minutes

I adore this mural in South Park
Golfin with John on Tues is a routine

he decided to do 10 pushups at each tee pad

I'd been waiting for this for 2 years & I couldn't have been happier to see it at the Che!

the steady reminder - save the che - stand up, fight back

John introduced the film with stories from his youth in DC!

the movie was sooo good!
coming up this weekend - looks like a good reason to ride bikes to the Che!

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