Tuesday, March 10, 2015

back in Diego

while on my bike ride to Simi, I was able to spend quality time with my aunt

part of the prep for my uncle's famous Venezuelan black beans

taste test

a divine spread - the beans were out of this world

took a few walks with my tio and he wasn't afraid of a few photo ops

Chiquita is a licker

came home on the train and found this bike centered care package from Matt
back in San Diego I saw Carpet laying it all out there

 a good shot of the ramp
Gabe skated my board and I shot on the DEATHLENS he gave me

Chris Center lipsliding from a different session

the Bienenfeld's came over for a taco fiesta
Eve was trying hard to wrap her head around the idea of a soy curl

Dan got a few shots that he passed over to me

showing Eve the garden
Eve checking out the freebox

Eve is very inquisitive - here she inspects my bumper stickers

Mozart - one of the cats at La Querencia collectivo
Memorial adventure with Jeffrey as my co - pilot

early morning adventure with Ken

sangha potluck and Cowspiracy screening at Edgemont

so much delicious food made with loving hands

the anti TARGET rally was a smashing success

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