Saturday, March 23, 2013

the Martin's

I caught Trent on the roof early my first morning.

Mr, Mcduff is the newest resident at the Martin's.
Laura & I met Trent @ Chakra for lunch - rawvacado WRAP and creamy broccoli soup
 Coming into Phoenix I wasn't sure how much time I would be able to spend with Trent & Laura since they are in crunch time for the upcoming PHX AM contest first week of April. I also found out that my pal, MEG, had moved from Tempe to Boston in December. My plan was to shadow Trent one day and Laura the next. I envisioned it like a "TAKE KEVIN TO WORK DAY". And essentially that's what happened.
grabbed the boys from school, then stopped at NAMI for Tsoynami's & I found a GF donut
captured a fine Phoenix sunset

went to Tempe shop with Trent & ventured out to find Desert Roots Kitchen

school fundraiser got me to my 1st tramp park

Trent & Asher getting loose - PRO FOOTAGE
Trent learned the off the side tramp DUNK!

Friday night was TACO picnic night at home.
Trent tried out the chia seed egg replacer for his pancake breakfast

McDuff loves his toys.
I shoved off after pancakes and after harvesting lettuce, lemons, & oranges from the Martin farm. Thanks for a good time and best of luck with PHX AM.

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