Saturday, March 23, 2013

the slow road to PIE TOWN

who knew there was a Miami, AZ. trust me, it wasn't very colorful

I took Hwy 60 through the Salt River Canyon.
river level was high and dirty.

sorta reminded me of the Grand Canyon - slightly smaller/less GRAND
part of why I took Hwy 60 is because I was curious about Pie Town

arriving at 5:15pm, I found the 2 pie shops closed at 4pm
phenomenal signage at THE GOOD PIE

I met Kathy the owner of PIE-O-NEER - sending her Brodie's vegan crust recipes
explanation of the town name

the VLA - aka the Very Large Array of radio telescopes as seen in many movies
it was looking awfully dark to the north, so I stayed in Socorro, NM.

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