Friday, July 15, 2011

Mother's Day in KS

So after the big night at the farm, I rode back into Wichita to meet Brodie, Bianca, and Zep for Mother's Day Brunch at D'Sozo's Vegetarian dining establishment! When I got to their house ALF was waiting for me.
alf is one of my favorite kitties on the planet.
I've known Alf for years now and there was a time when he was peeing inside the house frequently. During those frustrating times Bianca offered to let me take Alf back to San Diego with me. I couldn't pull the trigger to do it, and they've since rescinded the offer.

Brunch at D'sozo's
We met some of the home schooling bunch at the restaurant and their once a year all you can eat BRUNCH was delightful. Waffles with blueberry syrup, biscuits and gravy, tofu scramble and loads of fruit. That's Zephyr on the right beaming at the camera!  One of the reasons he's so elated is that he has a crush on a certain young lady at the table.
the first of many home cooked meals from Bianca!
We stayed in for dinner and a fine dinner it was. Prepared by the mother of the day, Bianca.
a familiar sight in the Ryan's backyard
I would look out back often times and witness the above scenario. Bianca was consistently tending to the garden...either weeding or watering.  And Brodie was either picking up dog poop or some other task.

next up....vegan donuts in Kansas.

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