Wednesday, August 3, 2011

VEGAN donuts - kansas style

last post was about Mother's Day and that was a SUNDAY.....not sure what happened on MON and TUES, but Tuesday night I put out the call about going to The Donut WHOLE for vegan donuts the next morning at 6am.  Only Brodie and Bianca rsvp'd... but as I was gathering the troops outside the van WED morning, WES JENKINS shows up out of the blue....

Wes was out walking his pooch @ 6am
Wes mentioned he'd seen my post and wanted to join us... He was gonna walk home and meet us there. Wes only lives 6 blocks from Brodie's.   Wes, Brodie, and I went on what turned out to be my first SKATE ROAD TRIP in what must have been 1989. We traveled to EAT CONCRETE skatepark in Omaha, NE. Was it for a Demo? or just to session?  I can't recall.. I do recall seeing Justin Lynch and Steve Berra there tearing it uP!

WED is the only day that they offer any VEGAN donuts.
I'm really hyped on the WHOLE DONUT. It's a real hang out.   Donuts and beverages, free wifi and plenty of tables to sit upon. PLUS there is a stage for local performers. music, science, improv... I caught some of each while I was there. I was thanking my lucky stars that they even offered a vegan donut. Every WED they make about 5-8 varieties of their cake donuts with the vegan mix.

The Ryan clan steps up to the plate
our posse cleaned out a dozen pretty quick
ROUND 2 had me taking some home for the next morning
What do we have here...>?  Round 2 looks like sugar coated, strawberry frosting, coconut w/ vanilla, vanilla frosting, and fruity pebbles covered. Where as if you look back toward the top, ROUND 1 featured a few plain cake and choco frostings.   The vanilla frosted dreamboats ended up being my fav!

This was the morning that HK decided to set up a show at the DONUT WHOLE.  It turned into a saga getting the the show set up...... but that story is for another day....

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  1. Man, looking at those doughnuts makes me really hungry. We have to travel to the Outter Banks to get vegan doughnuts around here.