Monday, July 11, 2011

the 1st day in KANSAS

If my memory serves me correctly, I stayed over on Friday night in OKC and drove into Wichita on Saturday afternoon. First stop was recycling....I hadn't had much luck finding recycling since AUSTIN and had acquired quite the load.... On my way to the center, I saw this sign.....
seeing an IDA street sign is always a good omen.
IDA is my favorite band that is still together. I travel the country to see them when they play out, which is only a few shows a year. I was at this show in 2010 Santa Monica.

I stopped in and visited ENDLESS RIDE and then skated down some familiar terrain to visit the VINE's on my old street of Mission Road. I wasn't sure I would see Bianca til the next day, but I caught her at home for a hot sec and she showed me her sprouting empire in the basement! She's growing and planting up a storm.
Seed to seedling to garden.. Bianca is doing it !
Lucy had been telling me about a rock/bluegrass festival called STRING BREAK on the outskirts of Newton, KANSAS, for the last few months... At first I wasn't sure if I'd be in KANSAS to see the FEST, but I rolled into town, just in time... After leaving Bianca, I drove out to Newton and got down to finding the farm where the Festival was happening.
It didn't take me long to find Lucy.
Months before after first hearing about the fest, I assumed that Lucy was playing the festival, but that wasn't the case.  BUT Albert's band, Sissy's Spaceship, was playing. Albert is Lucy's brother and I skated with him in high school in their family swimming pool. My first pool ever.
Lucy shoots SISSY SPACESHIP - Albert on vocals and lead guitar.
Also, I dug the name and assumed it was a play on term SPRING BREAK, but I came to find out that the fest is in honor of a local musician who died of cancer named Kirk Rundstrom. Turns out he always used to break strings on his guitar during most sets, hence the name of the festival.

the FREE BOX is unveiled in Kansas
I spent most of my time in the shade nursing the FREE BOX. and listening to the music. Nice and relaxing

The FREE BOX enjoyed the show.

self portrait
That night I fell asleep in the van listening to the sounds of live BLUEGRASS music. The next morning I was on recycling duty and bounced before any of my pals had risen.

Off to meet Bianca, Brodie, and Zep for Mother's Day Brunch at D'sozo's!

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