Friday, July 8, 2011


After shaking loose from my dreamy morning date with Margaret, I drove into Norman, OK, to visit some shop accounts and see what sort of fun I could drum up. I always have high hopes for Norman
A.) because Mrs Clinton loves the Sooners... "BOOMER SOONERs" she always says.
B.) two of the most radical women I ever met in college originated from Norman. Betty Quick, P.I. & Debra Nicholson will be visited later in the blog. I'm on a quest to find them in the NW.

What I did find in Norman was a large college campus and The Earth Cafe!

The Earth Burger was outstanding. I love the carrot stix as a side.
An overview of the bowl at the Edmond Skatepark
After visiting a few shops in Norman and OKC, I just so happened to link up with my cousin KIM and my aunt MARY at a street fair in Edmond, OK. We walked around and I heard all about their purchases, then they drove me over to the skatepark in EDMOND.
Kim and Mary watched me ride my toy for a few minutes.
From the skatepark we drove back to Kim's home in northern OKC and had a terrific BBQ dinner and hang out session. I slept in the van and the next morning I had the pleasure of meeting Kim's son, Jatin.
All evening and into the morning, I was hanging with the ever energy filled, MAKO.
Kim's puppy, MAKO~

next stop birthplace.....

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