Tuesday, April 26, 2016

throwback San Diego

I was rushed to get on the road and was consumed with planning for my current magazine tour. 
These photos represent many of the good times I had in San Diego in the early part of 2016.
in the few months I was home, I was able to grow a few things including broccoli

the house was a wreck for a few month, but once the floors were finished, lots of folks came to skate
 including Dave B.

I thought this was gonna be a dream ditch, but it was brushed super heavy.
  but we had a great crew ! E-Mag, Tyler, Ult Phil, Beardo, burnout

Gabe helped out with the library SO MUCH - had a great time feeding him.

the library came together quickly once the floors were completed

Rosa attached my favorite tee design to a collared shirt. now it fits. thanks again Clare

i was so tickled when the Boogie Boys finally came to town
I spent a lot of time at Pokez - Nik, Alex, Gabe & I

Eric B was in town and we were blown away to see Bobby Purdue

had lunch the day Mike was taking Phil to the airport

one of my last times at POKEZ....until December......

sending Rob G off to central America

a serious shirt for a serious cat lover. thanks Klich.

I made loads of tacos  - nearly every day.....

Ten FOOT Ted and Rob Kirk skated the ramp - then Rob crashed & went to the ER.
Jeffrey and I both adore this photo of Danny Way at the House of Vista

Jeffrey did all the filming work on the Jenkem clip that came out on the Library

every Tuesday I was home, I was on the golf course with John

Keith, Kim, & I had a bonfire with a bunch of scrap wood from around Edgemont

Keith and Paul Schmitt

Klich flew in for a day and we skated and ate!
then I saw him at Peck Park in Pedro
went to a photo show with Ji

moto doggie in LA

Sergej and Bruce

BurgerLord in China Town
nap time for Serg before the Hamburger Eyes art show

Todd at SkateLab with his new copy of the Tracker book

Detroit Trent blew through SD for a day.
the March Really Really Free Market went smooth.

these two long time buds were instrumental in getting the van reworked for the road.

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