Tuesday, April 26, 2016


In May 2015 I initiated #kevsTEXASswimmingholetour (view here). I put a few weeks of planning into that adventure.  This year #brotherboarderpowerslap tour is my main objective, but as I rolled into Florida, I decided to see how many Florida cold springs I could swim in on my days off. 

spot # 1 - Wakulla Springs

I jumped off that large platform in the back there....

then I got on a boat and took a tour down the river.

this film was filmed on the property
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beautiful trees
saw several alligators on the river bank... this guy was the only swimmer
got skunked at Peacock.... it was flooded out from a nearby river

Ichetucknee Springs - the head waters -  borrowed goggles here and it was amazing

the main swimming area at Ichetucknee - spot #2b
7 springs on the property at Ginnie Springs - this is where I got in
 and swam out to the river and floated down to this other spring area. as I was swimming the back stoke, my back struck a scuba diver's tank. he didn't stop to say sorry....punk just kept on going....
spot #3 - Ginnie Springs

Manatee Springs  - spot #4 - had high hopes for seeing a manatee here... no luck

saw water snakes

gorgeous river settings....

and even an adolescent raccoon, but no manatee

Rainbow Springs - spot #5 - early morning swim
took a kayak down a 5.5 mile stretch of the Weeki Wachi river - no manatees.  #6 great swimming
Warm Mineral Springs - spot #7 - coulda skipped it
Alexander Springs - spot #8

Juniper Springs - spot #9
De Leon Springs - refreshing early morning swim -
after my swim, I looked at the menu at the grill house restaurant.
glad i did - they have all you can eat vegan pancakes.. the only catch is you have to make them yourself

Blue Springs - last stop #11

didn't get a pic - but I saw a mama manatee and her baby

looking down into the head waters of Blue Spring - lots of goggle wearing
eleven springs, inside of one week. one hell of a ride.

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