Monday, November 23, 2015

back in the golden state

not the golden gate, not the bay bridge, not the richmond bridge

breakfast at Donut Farm with Eric

and Patricia

Rich and his new purchase

Rich's new medium.... art by rubber stamp

Kerry made sandwiches for everyone
i'm so in love with this shot of Kerry at the East Oakland skatepark

a new era in Kerry's commuting life begins

he loves Berkeley, I'm jaded
dinner with Heidi at Gracias Madre

caught Tommy Guerrero on tour in Long Beach
ray barbee played too

Tom's cat, Bella! He couldn't believe she let me pick her up.

hadn't seen this surfer in ages......
saw Ed's latest exhibit

lunch at Mother's !
Gabe, Brandon, & I learning something at TWS

big daddy Sherm!
Gabe helped unload the result of 4 weeks on the road.... this is my world now... @lookbacklibrary

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