Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sessions & Illya

Sessions navigates a nosegrind.
Tuesday night is old man night at Lafayette. Sessions, Roth, and some other old timers session the big bowl.

Mark Roth - hot eggplant.

Back tail on a rock extension in the small bowl.

Earlier in the day, Illya and I skated some of the smaller elements of the park.  We each got a line.

Sessions had to mow the grass before flying to HAWAII
I got to hang with Sessions and his gal pal Meg on their last night in town. Hawaii in JUNE, I suppose things could be worse.
Sessions & Meg both found a little something in the FREE BOX
We took a trip with PEARL to the dog park.
Since they were leaving for over a week to HAWAII, I was the gracious recipient of the CSA BOX. The next day at ILLYA's I went to town.
The CSA steam down...
 Earlier that morning Illya, Taytem, Boone, & I took a bike ride.... Boone flipped out when we saw a car transport trailer getting unloaded on a side street. I would have reacted in a similar fashion when I was Boone's age. We all had a fine time watching the procedure.
BOONE - fully absorbed....
I got a kick out of Illya's tee
And now for some random photos from my time in BOULDER>>>>>>>>
course 1...some sorta wrap
I splurged at got the 3 course RAW dinner at LEAF off Pearl Street.
course 2 - a thai salad
course 3 - veg lasagna

AYCE buffet at a spot in South Boulder called Tsing Toa.
And I had another excellent stuffing of my face at a spot called NEPAL CUISINE. It was a lunch buffet and I failed to get a good picture.  
If you recall my time in TULSA, I had the good fortune of meeting a local named Margaret. Margaret knew Buffy.... Turned out Rob Kirk used to date Buffy. Buffy used to live in BOULDER. And through my recent connection to Margaret, I began to communicate with Buffy. She suggested I visit the Meditation temple where she used to practice. I stopped in for a brief visit and met Martin, the current caretaker.
Martin is the current caretaker and grounds were beautiful.

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