Monday, August 8, 2011

the FAMILY in Kansas

I'd seen my Aunt in OKC and it wasn't a week later until  we were hanging out again. This time in Andover at my cousin Michelle's house.
Mary, Magnus, & Alison on the sofa
Michelle lives with her husband and thier roommate MAGNUS. I was told that Magnus sits on the couch just like anyone else and later in the evening saw it for myself... We all shared some dinner and caught up on the past. As large as Magnus is, he sure is nice like a pussycat.
MAGNUS poses for the camera!
I got to hang with my niece and nephews, both together and separately.  I met Will for lunch at Blessed Sacrament several times and hung with him and his buddies while they ate and laughed. One day I was able to play in the soccer game after lunch. I felt too CREEPY to take out the camera around so many kids at lunch... so this is the only picture I took from those days...
here's hoping!
Will and I walked home one day and hung at Brodie's house...Zephyr wasn't around that afternoon so we tried out the drums without instruction.
Will pounds out some beats.
I met Kelly one morning while she was out on a walk.... Let's call it a class project.
Walking for Jesus.
I couldn't hang, so I split but not before having some words with the teacher leading the charge.  Another day I went to see Kelly compete in track... trying to get a spot for REGIONALS. KELLY sure can JUMP>

SOCCER. Will at the end of the season.
 I was able to watch two of Will's soccer games.  Both Kelly and Patrick are coaches of the team. Will is a great goalie and ball handler. After the last game they did awards and had a squirt gun fight.

Patrick and his 1st game of FARKEL.
I took Patrick out several times... First we hung at THE DONUT WHOLE and played farkel. I think he dug it.  Not long after we returned to the donut whole for an IMPROV COMEDY performance. Patrick volunteered and was pulled up on stage and got to RAP. 
 ONE night we went to see PIRATES of the CARIBBEAN and then went to ALL STARS sports from some carnival rides and go carts.
Patrick couldn't get enough, 1 ride for me, nearly had me ralphing.
fun times at ALL STAR
Mario Andretti, I mean Patrick Burns.. No fear on the track.
 Aunt Mary reached out to KERRY and we all got together at Alison's house one weekend day. Alison has a beautiful dog too. I failed to get a pic. Next time.
Kerry, Kelly, & Patrick check out the Traveling Free Box.

next up.... random KS occurrences.

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