Wednesday, April 1, 2015

collective liberation conference

a visit with Dave B starts off the trip {he gave me avocados from Tracker Larry's estate}

Kerry snagged me, we went to Sole Tech, then to a new raw spot VEGGOS
not bad. I got pizza, Kerry got the burger
 met Ginger at the Costa Mesa Skatepark

2nd dinner at Seabird Kitchen

then we got back to CSULB for the opening ceremony and potluck mixer
next morning, what I thought would be donuttery, turned out to be too many bagels
Lauren from Food Empowerment Project gave a lecture on running successful campaigns

Rocket was on hand
some ducks showed up that morning
Kerry awaits Jake Conroy's lecture to begin

Kerry  - at the head of the class

Jonathan Paul: Animal Rights and Deep Ecology - to start the day
Jake Conroy introducing Josh Harper

Josh Harper can be a little socially awkward, but he came on fire during his speech.
The guy is a phenomenal speaker in my opinion. He spoke about Reinventing Direct Action: Alternatives to Theatrical Militancy. Definitely an out of the box thinker... His talk was my weekend highlight. 
Lauren Ornelas spoke last and I had to split back to San Diego.
I wish I could have stuck around for SUNDAY's sessions, but duty called back on the home front.

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