Wednesday, April 29, 2015

caravana 43

the Coven held a fundraiser for the group Caravana43 a month prior and this day was their kickoff event for their tour of the USA. these are the mothers & fathers of the 43 students killed in southern Mexico allegedly by the cartels, but information is surfacing linking police involvement with the murders. these parents and the people of Mexico want answers!
there was a lunch discussion at City College & the march left from City en route to the Federal building

the ceremonial dress brigade led the march

roughly translated - no justice, no peace

the faces of the murdered

all the way down  Broadway - totally peaceful

I stopped at POKEZ for dinner after the march
before I knew it, Paul & Shane both randomly showed up & we sat together

Paul handed off the bible of collective living to me

up at the Centro de Cultural de la Raza a panel of speakers from Caravana 43 told their story
was pumped to run into Scott at the event - that's him taking the picture above

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