Tuesday, September 13, 2011

KC, Lawrence, & Topeka

From Wichita, I was going to drive to Salina, then Topeka, then Lawrence, then KC, then LINCOLN. But in the end, I didn't go to Salina at all and went straight into KC and met up with a long time skate pal and little brother of a girl I liked in high school..... BRETT COX. He suggested FUD since it was fairly close to his work and he likes it. I was blown away by the menu..... So much to choose from.
Brett and I dine at FuD! soooo good.
I went with 2 tacos that were out of control.
Brett and his NINJA commuter.
It was refreshing to catch up with Brett and hear how he offsets his boating habit by commuting on a crotch rocket. Sounds like he's eating pretty well and exercising....not skating so much, but that's ok. I have great memories of skating at the MARPLE Skatepark with Brett and Brodie.

Dan in front of Escapist in KC.
I always feel so honored to meet vegan skate shop owners. Dan is a long time vegan and we met last year at CROSSROADs but have been trading vegan restaurant tips for years. We even got to skate together on this trip. The rain cut it short, but it was fun nonetheless.  Skating in KC was the next day..... so after Escapist, I visited Studio Skate Supply on my way into LAWRENCE. today was the day the BARN ramp was a go.

On my way into town I stopped by and met Rod at White Chocolate and grabbed a bite to eat at the Tenth Street Veg Bistro.

Tofu marinara custom plate  !  local Lawrence tofu

I met JP Redmond at the Lawrence Skatepark....  THIS IS MY BEST MEMORY of the LAWRENCE PARK.....wait for it at the end....

JP got a couple lines.....on the mini ramp. This is what I could muster. Then we drove out to BARN ramp.

Mike Crouch and Joel the BARN owner
JP had set up the session and I had called my longtime skate comrade, Mike Crouch. Wasn't sure if he'd show up.... It turns out he's elusive in his older age. I hadn't seen him in years...like at least 15 years, so I was completely elated when I saw him get out of a car with who turned out to be Justin Shiney and Dirty AL. I tried to get Andy Brayman to join us but that didn't work out. We skated the barn all evening and I'm sad to say that I got no useable footage of Mike....none that would do him justice anyhow.... JP killed it all night. Here is one of many sick lines.
Joel, the owner, was hurt so he just hung and told us story after story.  I drove back into town with MIKE. Slept in his driveway and kicked it with his family in the morning.
Mike's kid and dog were fun to hang with.
Andy loves the bowl at Penn Valley

I'd set up a skate date with Andy Brayman in KC, so I picked up Dirty AL and we were off to KC to skate for the day.  
Penn Valley Skatepark in central KC
This is the park where we met Andy and Dan from Escapist... It looked like ran from when we pulled up, but it held out for about an hour.  I got this clip of AL, but no current footage of Andy or Dan.{these classic clips will get you acquainted with their legend status}..the rain came too quick. It was rad hanging out with AL for the day. I'd heard so much about him from Steve Andel. Steve actually called that afternoon and the two were reunited over the phone.
Dan Askew recommended  - the Blue Koi
Scallion pancakes!!!!
Noodle and tofu
Grabbed lunch with Andy and Al before Andy had to get off to the studio. We caught Dan getting lunch to go as we rolled up. AL and I walked around the hood and found a vegan bakery, but I was stuffed from Blue Koi.
It's good to know where MUD PIE is now....next time I eat there.
We dropped back by ESCAPIST and Dan sorted out a session at Sean Malto's TF since the rain kept coming. I'd seen a few pics of the place and it was all very cherry.
Al nosepicks Malto's mini ramp
The lay of the land at Malto's indoor.

I dropped Al off in Lawrence, got some food at THE MERC, then dropped in on Brett's sister, AMY.

Quinoa salad at the MERC

Amy's lego DEATHSTAR
And I ended the night at Pat and Char Brazil's in Topeka. My mom went to college with Char, and Pat introduced my dad to my mom. So I've known the Brazil clan all my life. It was great catching up and talking about old times. Char made a great vegan dinner for us that evening!
Pat and Char Brazil
next up....SKATE THE STATE in NEBRASKA.....

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