Monday, September 12, 2011

the end of WICHITA........

It's looking like this will be my final WICHITA post. No theme, just some random photos and thoughts....

Kerry's dogs. Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins
Bianca's BLT.....scrumptious
Bianca made so many terrific meals. I was blessed that she looked out for me so keenly. Thanks, B!

the first mulberries of the season.
 I really didn't want to leave Wichita before the mulberries started dropping. And the last few days that I was there, they started to get ripe. This was the first good batch that I stumbled upon on Second Ave near Oliver.

Lucy at BLUEGRASS night at Donut Whole.
I wish I could have spent more time with LUCY Alfonso. She was packing for her move to ALBQ while I was there. One fine evening I met her and some of her pals at the DONUT WHOLE to hear an all woman BLUEGRASS BAND from Lawrence. It rocked. One of Lucy's teenaged gal pals opened the show.
Lucy lived 2 blocks from my sister, so one day Kelly, Patrick, and I walked down and raided her mulberry tree.
The mulberry bounty from Lucy's tree.
Brodie and I got out to another disc golf course in DERBY. He ended up having to get his disc out of a tree. It helped to take his shirt off.

I left town on a Thursday, so that last WED I rode down to get a batch of donuts for the road. Turns out the cops nabbed a bike thief right in front of the DONUT WHOLE. Actually, the bike thief dumped the bike at the donut shop and ran off on foot. They nabbed him in the alley a few blocks away. The cop I spoke to was so hyped on adrenaline!

I can't tell you how long this batch lasted.....I honed in on my favorite... lots of vanilla frosted....
My last batch of KANSAS donuts.
self portrait at the wig store.
the FREE BOX made an appearance at the HK show
I took many fine memories with me as I hit the road the morning after the HK donut show. It had been a little over 3 weeks in Wichita; jam packed with good times. Lots of remembrances, lots of connections with old family friends. I spent my first 18 years growing up there. When will I get back again?

next stop KC.....

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