Thursday, September 10, 2015

back & forth to Denver

highlight of the summer

seeing Drive Like Jehu with Illya, Andy, & Glen

Jenn at Nooch with a hairless customer

another highlight - reconnecting with John Mattingly

he taught me an Austrian drinking game called hammer shlogan

participated in a rally on the anniversary of the Michael Brown murder in Ferguson

marching down Broadway - turning heads & getting honks

the lady in the wheelchair made my day

had a lovely visit with Mary

and Tom with Ed & Martha
went to the summer's only Chomp event

Joshua's recommendation at City O City
drove out through Glenwood Canyon

to check out the new Iron Mountain Hot Springs

glad I went but don't envision going back anytime soon
I prefer HOBO just down the street.
went through Leadville on the way out and met Donut from Freedom Skate Shop in Madison

Gus was with the Wisco crew

Illya took me as his plus1 to RedRocks to see Built to Spill

Built to Spill didn't see that into it.... but I loved being at Red Rocks
and this is what I worked on mostly while at Launch
 that and AHOD4 as you'll see in the next post.....

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