Wednesday, January 22, 2014

thanksgiving tacos

November 28th - I awake early just as dawn is breaking. I slept pretty well despite not knowing how safe my sleep over spot would be. Downed a few pieces of fruit and was back on the road. I started seeing signs for a ruin called Tajin so I decided to follow the signs and within a few hours of driving, I was there. City of the Thunder Gods.
not in too bad of shape

well manicured lawns

the pyramid of the niches - 365 cubbie holes

another angle of the niches
picnic tables?

for my first ruin, this was quite elaborate and large with a nice museum

some of the detail work

more details

the ball court - it's surmised that wooden posts were used to support the rings

next I sought out taco fixings & found my first Mexican cat

It was Thanksgiving after all. I sat in the square and made tacos

thanksgiving tacos
no shortage of stray/wild dogs cruising around

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