Thursday, December 15, 2016

san diego till end of JUNE

I arrived back on Edgemont days before Thanksgiving and I've been around, then gone, and around again. I don't intend to start a long journey until after the Devoted premiere in Los Angeles June 28th 2017.  

I have many look back library events in the works that will take me away from the house for a few days to a few weeks at a time, but overall I'll be in San Diego for a long while and I'd love to make you tacos. 
Hit me up....

 the big news is that we said goodbye to the ramp to make way for more magazines

I witnessed my buddy Jeff participate in a guitar battle

we played doms and ate pokez

I steered the final SDRRFM of 2016 - the next one is mar 12th
and this morning I soaked at Remington
seriously - hit me up... i'll make tacos or take you for a walk.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Kenny took a week off work and we took off to the far SE edge of the state of Oregon. First stop was Bagby where Kenny soaked for the first time. We slept in the parking lot and headed to Breitenbush for some investigation the next morning. 
after a fine day at the retreat center, we went to the river to inspect the old springs
stayed the night in Bend, then headed out to find the springs in Paulina Lake
the wind was fierce, but the water was hot....Ken did the digging
Tried taking a short cut and got stuck in the snow. Frustrating, but we got out with teamwork.
groovy sunset at Harney Lake - the springs wasn't worth a soaking
good decision - Kenny got pickles
1st time at Alvord HS for the both of us.

with some plumbing adjustments, we brought the temp down

seemed like rain was coming in, but it never did

couldn't find the springs at Borax Lake - but we got a good hike in

Kenny only tented it one night. most nights he was on the floor of the van
couldn't believe we had Umpqua to ourselves.... the solitude didn't last long
just a few miles from Umpqua, is the Tokatee Falls
the North Umpqua River

PRI in Eugene - met Tonto at his art gallery
we both wanted to hit Silver Falls State Park - south falls was first

north falls from the top

north falls from inside & underneath

isn't that pretty

north falls from around the low bend

upper north falls
6 days out, 5 hot springs {2 new to me}, 6 waterfalls, one killer pizza.

Monday, August 22, 2016

summer 2016

blog posts have been highly spotty this year...  my primary focus has been my classic skate mag exhibit tour,
pics from that here

I post many photos on Instagram. Follow me @travelingfreebox and/or @lookbacklibrary

it's not that I haven't been doing fun things, but most of my photos have been focused at the mag events...
here are some that I cherry picked for a summer wrap up post

last blog on my FLORIDA swimming tour from May.

hung with Adam & Grey in NC

breakfast with Broderick in Boston

DECKAID at Orchard was intense

an afternoon with Peacetrain Charlie in VT

a sweet spread donated by Red Fern in Rochester

the van with no plan came to the exhibit at Sunday in Buffalo


the workshop of Jay Croft

watermelon at Tri-Star with Gab and Nic

Eric screened some tees for me in Detroit

mean MUGgin with John McGuire in Milwaukee - Sky High

checking out antiques with Nate Sherwood in Iowa

brunch with the Burcher's & Steve
Wilkins & Steve at the Capitol

Phil & Ollie at the new Burcher Family skate library

we got Steve's collection sorted out in Lincoln.

pizza fun with Dan in KC

building with the craftsman, Zak, in Wichita

a week with Jeremy

stoked to see Ant and Khamphi at the Demo exhibit

me at the bowling alley - p: MSmoody
farm cat at the new Fitzhum Ranch in Hays, KS.

got to CO & drove to San Diego & caught a birthday dinner for Kim

back in Ft. Collins, I worked on some wood projects
some Californians dropped by the Crisis exhibit

QT with Rori in Frisco
ran into Donut from Madison at Breck

Slash Camp 2016 - 50 SHE-shredders converged on the mountain skateparks

pumped to link up with Virgils

Lazer, Sessions, & Roth in Boulder.

Alex abandoned PA for a month in CO.

we topped the Horse Tooth.
and now it's almost Sept...... I'm in CO till the Launch annual fundraiser on Sept 10th - then off to UT, ID, MT, WA, BC, OR, and back into CA in nov/dec.